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Advisory classification

Search function guidance

  • Fill in one or more fields and press search.
  • If data is entered in more fields, the information will be combined in the search
  • When entering the start of the CAS and/or the EINICS number then all substances, which start with the entered value, will be shown. If the number follows %, all CAS or EINICS numbers which contain the entered number will appear. E.g., if the input is %15, all numbers which contain the number 15 will be shown.
  • Text which is written in Danish name, EINICS name, and Brutto formula will show all substances where the text is a part of the name, regardless of whether the text is in the beginning or in the middle of the name.
  • In Advisory classification you can limit your search by checking one or more boxes. Select "and" if you want your instances to contain all the selected certifications. Select "or" if you want your instances to contain at least one of the selected credentials.